Welcome to TagIt-Slack!

TagIt is a platform that allows you to collect feedback from your team members on any topic in the real time. A topic that you create on the TagIt can be made available on Slack channels. Your team members can use the Slash commands to add their comments to the topic. TagIt analyzes the user comments and presents you the summary.

TagIt-Slack FAQs

TagIt can be added to your slack by adding a topic to the Slack. This can be done from the Topic Edit page of the TagIt UI. 

Visit http://TheImpulz.com and click on signup. In order to signup, you just need to enter your email address and password. Alternatively you can login to TagIt using your OAuth providers such as Google. 

Once a topic is created, goto the “Topic Edit” view by clicking the Edit Icon on the topic listing. Scroll down and click on the “Add to Slack” button. This will take you to the Slack authorization page. Authorize the TagIt app to make it available on the Slack. 

Note that you have to repeat these steps for each topic.

Once the Topic is shared, the TagIt slack commands will be available to the users. 

TagIt support the following commands for interacting with the TagIt system and the shared topics

/tagit help

This command displays the basic TagIt commands and formats as follows.

You can share your feedback on TagIt topics over this Slack channel. Type /tagit to see the available topics. To view the real-time stats of a topic type /tagit . To submit your feedback, type /tagit #


 This command displays the list of available topics in this channel as follows

There are 3 topics
Slack Test Topic 1
Slack Test Topic 2
Slack Test Topic 3

Each line displays a 4 character topic code and the title of the topic. The topic code will be used to identify a topic for the succeeding commands


This command displays a brief statistics of the topic selected

Slack Test Topic 1 (Add your comments on this topic)
Overall rating 7  tags 100

/tagit   #rating

 This command adds a comment and a rating to the topic

/tagit AAZD I like this topic #5

Thanks for Tagging. Topic stats will be updated shortly

The detailed statistics and visualization of the topics are available on the TagIt dashboard. Login to your TagIt account and select the topic from the topic list.

Topics can be disabled from the Edit Topic dialog on the TagIt page. You can also set an expiration time on the topic so it will be automatically deactivated when the expiration time is reached.